I’m Mary, a lifestyle and portrait photographer.

In photography, you can find the beauty in the simplest moments

Photography is an extension of my life. I first picked up the camera to catch the small, daily, and somewhat ordinary things in our lives; the ones we usually ignore. Turning these moments into portraits can really show a person's - or family's - essence, and it's how we hold on to the most precious memories, freezing them in time.


Fact 1

I was born in OK and raised across the US and world. I fell in love with culture and finding the interplay of relationship everywhere. I could sit and listen to people's stories for hours.


Fact 2

A favorite thing of mine? Photographing someone in their zone. There's nothing like it - that feeling of being lost in what you love to do. It's like the best drug. But #dontdodrugs


Fact 3

Trees make me cry. Especially willows and palm trees. Bring tissue if we shoot in the woods, k?


Fact 4

I love big water. My name means "star of the sea," so I guess that love was meant to be. In fact, sometimes during our CO windy season, my eyes drift closed and I imagine the sound of the wind as crashing waves. #weirdo